Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Battle Network logo stuff

Yeah, I'm still learning design stuff and I decided to revisit this whole Megaman Battle Network logo thing. I understand it differently now and I was able to recreate the Megaman Battle Network 1 logo. Yeah, it's quite awful. Here's my version made entirely in vector and edited in Photoshop, as the official one was clearly made in.
The first Megaman Battle Network logo (recreated by me).
I don't think it's great. It seems lazy and unprofessional unlike the Japanese one. The outline turned out blocky which seems unintended. "Battle Network" is written in what was probably their first and only font choice. It turns out the font is Helvetica Rounded Condensed Bold Oblique, just as I suspected. The roundness doesn't really fit in my opinion and the kerning is bad. Then there's a distracting blue sphere in the middle for some reason. Later titles put the emblem in there. The actual emblem feels reversed. There shouldn't be any blue and it contrasts oddly. The yellow ring should have been larger and it isn't. The purple is consistent with the Japanese logo, at least. The entire thing is overdone in generic Photoshop effects - some which don't really help.

But anyways, I thought it could be remade to be truer to the Japanese logo, yet preserve some of the elements that are consistent in the localization of the Megaman series. Here is my attempt.
A redesigned version of the MMBN logo.
The green color is there and the emblem has a notable yellow ring around it. I ditched the rounded font for a squarer font. I like the notable spikes in the outlines around "Megaman" a lot more than the round ones. It doesn't feel as bleak and cheap as the original one and I think I can use the vector outlines I used to make this on future projects. I'm always taking fangame logo requests - or rather, I request my services. It's a shame to see the old, shoddy logo from the first game come up almost every time a fangame is being made. It just feels 2001.

Oh, and here are the source files. Maybe people can make their own logos more easily now.


Anonymous said...

Your version is really solid, but the color scheme of the original meshes better. Also the lines between the two t's and the words battle and network is a little disunifying. Your emblem is definitely better.

Great job! You could totally already get a design job even if you didn't take any more classes or learn any more.

Mega Rock.exe said...

I see what you mean. The blue in mine is probably breaking the color scheme. I was just making stuff up based on OSS since the absolute first logo didn't have a second line exactly.

Shortly after making this, I regretted using the font because of the awkward gaps. I made a logo for someone else using an update version of this (and different colors).

T.J. L said...

The gap between the two T's in Battle Network is really jarring and is what keeps drawing my eye. Maybe if you filled it in with white (even though that's kind of defying the stroke) it'd look better.

Anonymous said...

Well, the old one was based mostly on blues and oranges. The new one's white and green seems out of place to me (not the blue). It looks good on its own merits, but I like the original scheme better. I'd love to see this style with the original colors.

Spyman exe said...

If you aren't busy, and if it is easy, could you switch the Megaman emblem and the blue glow circles, so it emulates the logo of MMBN2-4?

Mega Rock.exe said...

The BN2 logo is almost identical to the first one. BN3-4 used the logo with the fake 3D effect. I could recreate that logo next, but I just haven't gotten around to it.

Anonymous said...

I want to use this in my fangame and credit you, is that alright?

Mega Rock.exe said...

Credit me. Thanks.

Shadow.EXE said...

Hey, I'm the previous anonymous, with a few questions I hate to bug ya with, but why a AI file? I use GIMP so... this is kind of trouble-some to even make the logo myself, thanks to no layers with either the AI or png.

Second, I've been trying to find the font for the series used in dialogue, but I can't find it. Neither with in-battle font.

Lastly and third, this is kind of a request, if you can in the future, could you make a Battle Network logo for me? The title is "Soul Union"/"Bonds of the Network".

My skype is suba.shikurio/Shadow Kazuni.

Mega Rock.exe said...

The logos are in vector format because that is the preferred format for working with logos. I don't recommend starting a logo in a raster program like GIMP.

The fonts used in the game are custom, but are very similar to Arial. I have all the fonts in PNG format uploaded.

And lastly, I may consider it.

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