Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Japanese Rockman EXE website stuff

Yesterday I decided to go looking for this one website I found one time shortly after EXE6's release in Japan. Unfortunately, it becomes very difficult to look for these sites since they have removed the page. The regular Wayback Machine at Archive.org wasn't working very well. It was too slow or incomplete, so luckily the featured a new beta service with faster speeds and more complete pages! Here are all the goods.

I started with the Takara Tomy site linked to from the Rockman EXE  page at Capcom.co.jp. I knew that page worked, but the link stopped working several years ago. Thanks to the Wayback Machine, I was able to visit the page and was greeted with an interesting flash visual. It featured lots of transparent, blurry, PNGs, but good enough quality that I want to post here.
It opens with the Rockman EXE Beast logo. It's kind of hard to get this at a clean resolution since almost all sites related to the anime used very low-quality graphics on their web pages.

Buster Megaman artwork. I found a higher-res version before but this one, being a derivative of the original, already has a transparent background and therefore keeps that sparkle on the tip. Removing the background with the sparkle intact would have been rather tricky.

This is the least interesting visual from the batch since it already exists somewhere, in higher-res, and it isn't very difficult to remove the background.

I've wanted this graphic for a long time. It first appears in the EXE6 preview trailers. It's basically the Gregar render only with attack elements.

The Falzar render with the attack elements. These look a little more distracting, but at least you can finally see the tip of Falzar's tail! It's always cut off in other prints.

The page was still sort of interesting. It's kind of like the Megaman NT Warrior site, only with the focus being on the merchandise. I was looking for a page with the Battle Chips on it, and this wasn't the site. Upon further investigation I found the Batosuta Battle Chip Stadium website. Unfortunately, the site was taken down around late 2006 and has since been replaced by an abandoned fan site. Luckily, the Wayback Machine preserved all their content before they went off and it is filled with goodies.

The opening visual features the Battle Chip Stadium logo.

The flash document then compiles the same graphic as seen on the Gregar version boxart. Lan is seen separate here, which is GREAT since removing him properly from the boxart was difficult, if not impossible.

Same goes for Megaman. Finally, it's just him AND it's a transparent PNG.

 The Gregar image is also on its own separate layer and FINALLY he can be seen almost completely and against a transparent background. 

The background is the last layer and it uses a neat little trick. Rather than use the same background one time, they sloppily chopped it up where it wouldn't be seen and made it look continuous. Too bad it's too small to be useful for anything.

That was just the opening visual. The small flash promo is where the best goods are.
That's right. You saw it here first! A medium-quality version of the Forte Falzar Beast thing. I think they added some weak outer glow to it, but it shouldn't be that difficult to fix. It's a transparent PNG, so it's good to go. I mean it! Go ahead and overuse it. It's been absent from the Internet for too long!

Sometimes it's hard to forget that the Battle Chip Stadium was the only "game" from the EXE series that used 3D graphics in their battles. A bit lazy with the emotion windows being their mugshots from the game, but the 3D models seems to be accurately resembling their sprite, which is really neat. Maybe if a clearer, up-close shot of Bass's sprite there could be found, a very accurate sprite could be spritten.

Oh, and there is also this dark Protoman. I hate how they can never get their "dark" color correct.

He's clearly purple here so I can only assume the 3D model is more correct. The mugshot is also purple, so yeah.

Falzar Beast artwork without a background! Again, the original background made it tricky to remove properly, especially with the motion blur they crafted.

In this screenshot, both 3D models closely resemble their sprite counterpart. If only they had higher-quality screenshots in 2006.

Gregar Beast render without the background. These are still decent quality despite being on a flash page.

It's amazing how it just looks like a 3D version of the sprite. I bet it would have idle animations as well so he wouldn't just be standing there awkwardly.

The flash page also had this unusually high-res background.

The BCS page also had a preview of all the chips, including a PDF. PDFs usually have more vector content, but the site only used them to hold low-quality JPEGs, so that's too bad. The chip images are also quite oversaturated. Maybe somebody thought they looked dull? I'm sure they're not THAT saturated. The chips were also small and low-quality. They're still higher-quality than the game's chip images, though. Here are some previews.

I'm really glad I found this site before it was truly gone. It's just too bad I couldn't archive Capcom USA's site from 2006. That would have been neat.

Oh, but "How do you get to see all the chip images?". I've made an archive of all the goods a snatched available for download. The Battle Chip Stadium website also had some background music, so I threw that in, too. I haven't heard it, but it can't be that great.

Download the goods

Update: I forgot to download and include the other chip pages in the archive. You can download the rest of the chip pages along with the extracted PDF image in another archive.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is great stuff. Thanks Megarock!

I really want to see that arcade in person.

Anonymous said...

Huh. Never considered archiving from Wayback.
Nice find!

Suraida-Chan said...

Oh, wow! There's an actual, official drawing of Forte Falzar Beast Out! I've wondered why they haven't added that into the BN OCW book...

Anyway, this is pretty awesome. I would have loved to see the game in person, too.

REL said...

It looks marvelous. I wish the battle network series were like this. :o

Anonymous said...

Man,whats with bass,falzar beastout?!Thats EPIC!!

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