Thursday, March 10, 2011

Battle Network Official Complete Works is official!

So today Udon finally uploaded the preview pages for both Official Complete works titles. I am very excited to see the book nearing completion. I am placing my order tomorrow and I hope to be reading the book by next week. The release for the Battle Network book has been set as next Wednesday and I hope it's true this time, which it likely is. I think the comments are neat and the quality of the artwork is amazing. It will totally be worth the purchase.

Also, I mentioned that there are preview pages. Just as I predicted, the preview pages featured artwork which before had only been ripped from blurry scans. I ripped the page with the BN3 bosses and I think they came out great. A little small, but clean.

Bubbleman (BN3)
Desertman (BN3)
Kingman (BN3)
Metalman (BN3)
Metalman (EXE4.5)
Punk (BN3)

Everything else has already been seen before or it's too small to be useful. Still, these are neat. I'm looking forward to the book.


Kinlyki said...

I wonder why there isn't any artwork on the Trans Arm from OCW?

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