Sunday, March 20, 2011

10th Anniversary of Battle Network

The TREZ logo is based on Megaman's head
from the Megaman 25th Anniversary labels.
I couldn't forget this date. Battle Network turns 10 today, which is a long time if you think about it. That means I would have been 8 when the first game came out which means it 2 years before I even owned my first handheld. I don't feel like telling my whole story again, but I'll just mention the basics.

I didn't start following the Battle Network games until around 2004. By then, marketing was in full swing and it caught my attention. I'm kind of sure Battle Network 3 was the first Megaman game I played. I had seen stuff on Megaman X in emulators before but I didn't start playing those games until after I became interested in Battle Network. The series had a nice run and I really enjoyed the series's second half of life. I always get on board with these things a little late. I never really purchased any merchandise. The only Battle Network games I owned was Battle Network 6 and Battle Network 5DS. The other stuff I own, I won at Comic Con '06 which includes a Magnetman toy, those shiny Japanese promo stickers and the Megaman X pogs. A friend also gave me a Protoman Battle Chip and I bought an Energy Bomb Battle Chip at the swap meet, which I now carry on my keychain. That's about it, I guess.

I missed out, sure, but I made up for it. Despite not having every piece of merchandise or game, I still managed to make it out on top. I know pretty much everything about the entire series, excluding the anime. I helped create the most popular Battle Network fansite out there. And after all this, I'm actually fairly influential. So yeah, the Battle Network series did have a nice run. I just hope some more Battle Network-related things come out in the future. Perhaps like a much-needed graphical enhancement on the 3DS...


MidniteW said...

25th anniversary, huh? So how's that Megaman Legends 3 thing? xD Double check the date there.

Better late than never I suppose. Without people like you, the EXE fandom wouldn't last as long as it does. Here's hoping for an EXE Collection for the 3DS!

Anonymous said...

Excluding the anime? It was good, for the most part. At least the original series and Axess were. I'd recommend tracking down the subbed Japanese versions.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping for better than a collection. I want a BN7.

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