Monday, January 24, 2011

Megaman NT Warrior Flash Site

Can you believe this site is still around? Thankfully Midnite pointed this out to me and I spend the past day-and-a-half ripping stuff from the site. It's really old but it's obvious it only documents the first season of the dubbed Anime and the MMBN4 accessories. The page also shows the merchandise they tried to mass-market back when it was new. Apparently the site stopped updating around late 2005.

The site is actually quite buggy and it's simple to have the Battlechips section show all the chips. Normally you can only see a few of the chips but for some reason, checking Battle Tips will unlock all of the chips - even the ones that were never released in the US like Grand Prix Power and the 4.5 chips.
The chip page is also very inconsistent. Either they rushed the site or inexperienced people built it since a majority of chips have either mistaken names or no names at all! There isn't even an image for Circle Gun 1. Navi chips don't load half the time for some reason. The dubbing is even inconsistent. Is it really necessary to call "Time Bomb", "Time Boomer", yet still call "Propeller Bomb" a bomb? Windman's Navi chip series calls him "WindblastMan", which I believe was the dub name yet the "NetNavi" chip calls him WindMan.
There are also some chips that aren't accounted for. In the chips list XML, Life Aura, Grand Prix Power, Duo, and the Dark chips are missing. When the list is compared to the image list, everything is accounted for except the Dark chips, Circle Gun, and the NetNavi chips. I think some of the dubbed names are ridiculous. However, it is interesting to see some of the "accepted" chips names spelled out in full. Even the exclusive 4.5 chips for translations. Here is a preview of the chip list XML.

[CHIP ID="202" NAME="Muramasa" AT="5" CP="6" EID="0" ARID="3"/]
[CHIP ID="203" NAME="Guardian" AT="5" CP="9" EID="0" ARID="18"/]
[CHIP ID="204" NAME="Anubis" AT="4" CP="6" EID="0" ARID="18"/]
[CHIP ID="207" NAME="DoublePoint" AT="4" CP="2" EID="0" ARID="1"/]
[CHIP ID="209" NAME="FullCustom" AT="4" CP="3" EID="0" ARID="5"/]
[CHIP ID="210" NAME="ShotStar" AT="4" CP="9" EID="2" ARID="18"/]
[CHIP ID="211" NAME="BugChain" AT="4" CP="2" EID="0" ARID="5"/]
[CHIP ID="212" NAME="Jealousy" AT="4" CP="2" EID="0" ARID="10"/]
[CHIP ID="213" NAME="ElementDark" AT="4" CP="2" EID="0" ARID="8"/]
[CHIP ID="214" NAME="BlackWing" AT="4" CP="2" EID="0" ARID="8"/]
[CHIP ID="215" NAME="GodHammer" AT="8" CP="10" EID="0" ARID="18"/]
[CHIP ID="216" NAME="DarkLine" AT="4" CP="2" EID="0" ARID="3"/]
[CHIP ID="217" NAME="NeoVariable" AT="7" CP="5" EID="0" ARID="4"/]
[CHIP ID="218" NAME="Z Saber" AT="6" CP="5" EID="0" ARID="14"/]
[CHIP ID="219" NAME="GunDelSolEX" AT="4" CP="4" EID="0" ARID="15"/]
[CHIP ID="220" NAME="SuperVulcan" AT="4" CP="2" EID="0" ARID="4"/]


[CHIP ID="281" NAME="Marking" AT="3" CP="2" EID="0" ARID="8"/]
[CHIP ID="282" NAME="CannonMode" AT="3" CP="2" EID="0" ARID="8"/]
[CHIP ID="283" NAME="CannonBallMode" AT="3" CP="2" EID="0" ARID="2"/]
[CHIP ID="284" NAME="SwordMode" AT="3" CP="2" EID="0" ARID="5"/]

[CHIP ID="285" NAME="FirePlus" AT="4" CP="3" EID="0" ARID="7"/]
[CHIP ID="286" NAME="ThunderPlus" AT="5" CP="4" EID="0" ARID="7"/]
[CHIP ID="287" NAME="AquaPower" AT="5" CP="4" EID="0" ARID="5"/]
[CHIP ID="288" NAME="WoodPower" AT="6" CP="5" EID="0" ARID="5"/]
[CHIP ID="289" NAME="BlackWeapon" AT="7" CP="6" EID="0" ARID="5"/]
[CHIP ID="290" NAME="FinalGun" AT="5" CP="4" EID="0" ARID="3"/]
[CHIP ID="301" NAME="Bass" AT="8" CP="14" EID="0" ARID="18"/]
[CHIP ID="302" NAME="DeltaRayEdge" AT="11" CP="9" EID="0" ARID="3"/]
[CHIP ID="303" NAME="BugCurse" AT="11" CP="10" EID="0" ARID="18"/]
[CHIP ID="304" NAME="MeteorRedSun" AT="12" CP="10" EID="0" ARID="2"/]
[CHIP ID="306" NAME="BassPlus" AT="13" CP="11" EID="0" ARID="15"/]
[CHIP ID="307" NAME="HolyDream" AT="14" CP="12" EID="0" ARID="13"/]
[CHIP ID="309" NAME="BlueMoonRay" AT="10" CP="8" EID="0" ARID="2"/]
[CHIP ID="310" NAME="BugCharge" AT="14" CP="12" EID="0" ARID="8"/]
Had to format it a little bit. Some aren't consistent at all. I really thought they would have revealed what the hell "BassAnly" is supposed to mean. Even the European version of MMBN5DS didn't offer much insight.

I even went through most of their horrible artwork. I mean, I don't like it because it has this "kids action show" style on it that isn't present in the other EXE art styles. Fortunately, most of it was new art AND they made it all vector! It's good because if they were rasterized for their tiny 800x600 site, the quality would have been awful.

Some previews.

The disadvantage of the vector drawings is that they are downgraded really poorly. Some parts were missing and some had chopped up outer glows. There also aren't any blurs or fancy effects which make some of the artwork seem flat or odd. Some of them are acceptable and I didn't rip the ones that were just plain awful or wouldn't render correctly.

I also ripped the music. Like other flash sites, the music is loaded from a URL. You can listen to the three tracks by adding /music.mp3 after the URL to listen to the first track. add a 2 or 3 before the .mp3 to hear the other tracks.

I've packed all the good stuff in an archive available for download. Included in the ZIP archive is: chips XML, character artwork, music, sounds, chips, and the logo.

I'm just going to guess here but I think some of the interesting chip images will be in higher demand.


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes! I love the art. Any more?

I'm going to have to use these somewhere.

I miss EXE. :(

Anonymous said...

That one especially is nostalgic. Reminds me of one of the artworks for the original BN. Man, what an awesome game that was when it first came out.

Mega Rock.exe said...

Dig around the site if you want any specific piece. I've got all the flash files saved already.

Kirak said...

Haha! I remember that site! I go there, like.. Bi-Yearly.. I think? That's cool that you ripped the Pictures, Did you get the BGM?

Anonymous said...

thanks for publish this. I love EXE serie <333

Mega Rock.exe said...

All 3 BGMs should be in the ZIP.

Anonymous said...

Why would you want to the listen to the music? XD The dub's music was crap!

Anonymous said...

I think "BassAnly" is Bass Anomaly. Take that with a grain of salt though.

Anonymous said...

They weren't in the archive so I wasn't sure if you had gotten them or not, but do you have these? I trawled the NT site back in 2007, and there were indeed a fair few missing chip images

Mega Rock.exe said...

I didn't get them because they didn't load for some reason. The SWFs I downloaded were empty yet the same file loaded differently when I browsed with Chrome. Dark Recovery doesn't even have a valid SWF so I don't know how you actually got a preview. It's all blank for me.

Anonymous said...

Ah, that'd be why... I made the download list using wildcards. It's been a long while, no wonder i didn't consider that.

Another quick look, and here's your Life Aura, stuck between the gaps. Some aren't on the list but are still accessible on the server while some are on the list but are missing in action. My wildcard is[001:325]_I.jpg

Can't do much about the Navi Chips, though. Mega, Roll, Guts and Aqua's images full images are long since gone.

MidniteW said...

Looking at this carefully, aren't you missing some chips in the .zip? I see only 2 versions of a chip when there are supposed to be 3 versions. The ones I find missing at the moment are Flameline3, Circlegun1, Side Bamboo1 and Triple Crack Out.

Mega Rock.exe said...

Triple Crack and Circle Gun 1 don't have SWF files and don't exist on the server. I might have to check the other two though because they should exist.

As for empty flash files, it's strange it would be doing that since it would assume someone went there and erased the image in the file and reuploaded it. It's strange.

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