Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Patch Update: Stufffed Toy Zone features

The Mega Rock Patch is nearing its completion! Today, Prof. 9 completed the area script for the Stuffed Toy Zone. It was no easy task and I deeply thank him for his efforts. There were several new ASM hacks that had to be done and tools that had to be made just to get this finished. The biggest new addition to the patch is this right here!

There is a Mr.Prog in the Stuffed Toy Zone that greets you at first with a one-time message.

Up to 6 services can be offered by the end of the game. This will truly add more depth to the game. These features will allow you to explore aspects of the game that were once impossible to do without hacks in the normal game.
Talk simply brings up the Mr.Prog's default message. Being a Link Navi brings up a unique comment about that Navi.
SubChip opens a SubChip shop which should be necessary for the battles in the area.
NetBattle allows you to battle Gregar-version Navis so you may get their chips and records. You can even fight Gregar!
LinkNavi lets you choose a Gregar-version Navi to play as. It is only temporary but they work fine. Link Navis selected here are not affected by leveling up status that Falzar-version Navis obtain.
SoundTest lets you listen to any music or sounds from the game.

In this screenshot, I've selected the ProgFolder, a new folder in the game which features some secret chips. There is also one more secret folder with very powerful chips. You obtain it at the very end of the game, though.

The Mr.Prog connects you to a SubChip shop. This option is available when you are first allowed to enter the area.

You can fight Gregar-version Navis. The Mr.Prog sends a request to the Navi's operator for the Net Battle.

Under LinkNavi, you can choose from up to 6 Navis. Remember that these Navis won't have level power ups. Protoman is unlocked later in the game and works perfectly fine. Right now I still have to fix his sprite so that playing as Protoman uses his BN5 overworld sprite and keeps it for the duration of the swap. All Link Navi swaps are in effect until you Jack-out. You can't keep the Navis in your PET.

Here, I've switched to Chargeman. The screen fades and the transformation is done. Setting this up was more complicated than it seems.

The patch also fixes all emotion window and Navi emblem problems. You can't see the emblem here, but it's fixed. Chargeman's emotion window is also being used properly. One thing that hasn't been fixed as of this posting, however, is the special chip. Gregar-version Navis have null chips for their specials. It shouldn't be too hard to fix.

Everything I have mentioned in these updates will be added in the patch. Playing through this patch will make the game feel fresh and slightly new. You can even consider the Mega Rock Patch to be a "Megaman Battle Network 6: Plus". It's the expansion Capcom could never make. These features should add new depth to the game. It's almost here!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

sohi636: we must finish the game to get to this area?

Mega Rock.exe said...

You can enter this area early in the game. The features are unlocked as you progress through the game. Same thing for the random encounters.

Anonymous said...

sohi636: so as u progress u have more thing ... it's... OSSIM and this is the final update? if yes, happy end of making a patch =) and dont worry i'll play it a lot... not a lot , i'll try to finish all the game =D AND MEGAMAN BATTLE NETWORK 6 PLUS will be in my next videos =)

Anonymous said...

Man This Is OSSIM. An Area Nobody Even Think Of.

This Is Freaking Better Then DC's

Are There Bass Cross's ?

Feckno1 On Youtube ;D

Mega Rock.exe said...

Um, there won't be a Bass Cross. That wouldn't preserve the game.

Anonymous said...

sohi636: u can make a basscross with replacing a cross ir adding one with one of ur tools and with making a new program for navi cust

Anonymous said...

OK Mega Rock Np

Feckno1 On Youtube ;D

Anonymous said...

You may have stated this already, but, are you putting the content that was removed during localization (Graveyard area stuff etc) back in? If possible, then that would be the ultimate "Megaman Battle Network 6: Plus".

Alilatias said...

I'm not MegaRock, but if I had to guess regarding the removed content from the English version, I would guess no.

Not only would MegaRock have to translate everything (which shouldn't be too hard), but he'd have to figure out where to put it in the game admist all of the post-game map changes that were made to accomodate the removed content (which I would think is the hard part).

I would think that the easiest way to go about doing this is for MegaRock to import data from the Japanese EXE 6 - but that doesn't sound like a simple task. He would not only need the data of the removed content, but he would need much of the Undernet and Graveyard as well. And I'm not even sure if that's possible.

(As far as I know, the area progression in the Japanese EXE 6 went from the Undernet -> Immortal Area -> Graveyard.)

I heard of one group trying this a few years back, and I can only assume that they failed miserably.

Mega Rock.exe said...

I wish I could restore the Boktai quest. Unfortunately, too much content was removed to be restored. It may be considered later but this version of the patch won't have those features.

Something Boktai related will be new in the game though.

MidniteW said...

Can I like hug you, man? jk That's really awesome, this is probably the only patch I look forward to play.

Say, how about the Link Navis for PvP thing I asked you back then?

Anonymous said...

sohi636: maybe in v4?

Mega Rock.exe said...

I'm not quite sure how the PvP thing will work.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... where do you get to the
stuffed toy zone?

Mega Rock.exe said...

from Seaside 1

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