Saturday, December 18, 2010

Patch Update: NaviCust fix

This might seem kind of minor, but my patch fixes a Navi Cust error that was present since BN5. For some reason, only the US games removed a feature where Megaman would remind you that there is a bug in the Navi Customizer. I've heard the Japanese games utilized this feature. In the US game, both messages have been translated to read exactly the same, thus eliminating the reminder message.

I have fixed that and now Megaman will remind you that there is a bug in the Navi Cust! Amazing, right?
There are more differences between this screenshot and the last one. Apparently I had COMPLETELY messed up all of the Gregar-version character mugshots. I am planning on using them and it would be useful if they actually worked correctly.


Prof. 9 said...

Only the US games? Did the EU versions have them?

I think one version of BN5 had this feature, but I'm not sure. Maybe I'm mixed up with another game (BN3, maybe?).

Mega Rock.exe said...

I think even BN4 had the same issue. BN3 was the ONLY game to utilize this feature. If I'm not mistaken, EU versions are always a port of the US version.

Anonymous said...

sohi636: and when r u gonna release it?

Mega Rock.exe said...

I have no clue. The rest is out of my control.

Anonymous said...

sohi636: out of ur control? but it's ur patch right?

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