Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The New TREZ Logo

The new logo has OFFICIALLY been revealed. It can be seen as a banner on the forums right now. I had been designing the logo in the meantime. The full explanation can be found on the forums.

My motivation behind this change was TREZ's lack of identity. I care about TREZ and until now, all we had were a bunch of awful banners with the site's name written in whatever "cool" font was found. Attempts at a logo had been made before. First it was that old logo with the silver emblem. I made it and I thought it looked HORRIBLE when I saw it used as the forum's banner. It suffered from alignment, linespacing, and execution issues. The second attempt was made by Greiga Master when he tried to make a logo for the site similar to MMSF3's logo. Idea was good; execution was terrible. The text was slanted beyond necessity. The sword bleeding into the outline looked awkward and out-of-place. The slanted squares were excessively blurred due to the fact that everything in the logo was pixel-based. A large, circular, blurred object was thoughtlessly thrown in the back to make up for its horrible white space issues. A crop had to be made to even serve as a banner. In fact, I still have the logo on me so a comparison can be made.



Legibility has clearly improved. You could hardly read "EXE ZONE" on the old logo. The new logo's message is clearer and gets to the point as opposed to the old logo which was confused and unplanned. The new logo also has broader applications. The head can be used as an icon as seen on my profile. Even on small sizes, the logo can be understood now. If you look closely on the new logo, the letters for TREZ have a small sparkle indicating the abbreviation.

A few more banners will return to TREZ. This time they should have a consistent, "Megaman" feel to them and they will all feature the new logo. Those should start appearing over the next couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

Looks good and the text is much better, but I like the old Megaman outline better.

Mega Rock.exe said...

Even if you did like the old one, the execution was so poor that the outline looked worse.

Anonymous said...

The new one does the same thing when rasterized.

Why not redo the old outline?

Mega Rock.exe said...

The lines need to be a little thicker on the new one.

Mega Rock.exe said...

I figured it out. Thin lines don't work well on dark background. The effect can be seen clearly in the thumbnail version of the logo above. The icon on the right solves this but won't ever look nice because Blogger sizes the full image using the nearest-neighbor algorithm. The icon is seen in full on the full profile. Nothing else needs to be changed.

AquaThumper said...

The line at the bottom of the neck looks goofy. I agree that the old one outline redone would look cool.

Mega Rock.exe said...

The old one was already redone before. It runs into the same problem as the old one as well. Cropping it off will leave a "goofy" line also. A full head-to-toe illustration of Megaman is not a logo.

Anonymous said...

Who says? :P

It's more minimalistic and yet complete.

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