Friday, December 3, 2010

More Megaman artwork

Slightly dismayed by the delay of the Megaman Battle Network Official Complete Works release, I decided to once again ask Dark Miyabi for a scan from the book. This time it's a scan of a page with Megaman's various artworks from past games. I had my focus on one particular piece on the page. Can you guess which one it is?

I cleaned up the scan to the best of my ability and removed the white background. Some parts just couldn't clean up well and I'll have to start trying different techniques to get better results. Once again, thanks Dark Miyabi.

Quick update, I've also cleaned up this piece from page 50.
Helmetless Megaman EXE


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the one you like is(top is 1,1): (1,2),(1,3), or (3,3) .

Anonymous said...

Earlier era BN artwork was so much better. Funny how you can tell what's from the first three and what came later.

I really love the left center, top right, and bottom right.

Alilatias said...

I'm going to guess that it's either the one on the bottom left or the one above it, as both are fairly new to me.

By any chance, does Midnight have a scan of the page that shows a helmet-less Rockman.EXE? I'm pretty sure it's the only official artwork of a helmet-less Rockman.EXE.

(Okay, sure, it's not the only one, but the one I'm talking about is the only one in which he looks even remotely normal. It looks like the SaitoPatch battlechip artwork, but without the background. Nothing like the ghostly figure one referencing EXE 5.)

If he does, and he gives it to you, by any chance can you clean that up for us? TMMN doesn't have it in their gallery, and the one that the Megaman Wikia has is plauged by terrible lighting.

I'm probably sounding terribly selfish by now, but can you also get that piece of artwork with a size of 110 x 110 pixels? I want to save it and use it as an avatar at Capcom Unity (in which their forum resizes avatars terribly unless it's 110 x 110), and I only have Paint (which is terrible at resizing).

mega rock.exe said...

Dark Miyabi already got a scan of the helmetless Megaman. You should check his scans at RockmanPM. But either way, I can PM you the resized one if you want.

In response to the artwork differences, I think the complete opposite. The old art was too cartoony. The eyes were strange and the borders were thick. The newer art seems more clean and mature.

And about art 1,3, I think the GIF I ripped from the game is actually in better quality. The scan one is kind of small.

Anonymous said...

The newer art makes Megaman look lumpy. The earlier stuff was more lithe.

mega rock.exe said...

The lumpy look seems more accurate. The lithe one with the fake round eyes and inaccurate flexibility isn't convincing.

Alilatias said...

I would appreciate that, MegaRock. Thanks.

Alilatias said...

And now I just realized that I had somehow replaced 'Dark Miyabi' with 'Midnite' in my mind.

Sorry, Dark Miyabi. *is shot*

mega rock.exe said...

Here is the cleaned up version of the helmetless Megaman artwork.

And your 110px crop.

Anonymous said...

*Snatches helmetless pic*

The eyes don't look real in the newer stuff either, and I don't see any absurdly flexible poses.

You aren't going to convince me, and I'm not going to convince you, so let's just enjoy being among the last of the EXE fans.

Alilatias said...

Thank you so much!

*tries to hug you but gets shot by a stray bullet* >_>

mega rock.exe said...


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