Monday, December 6, 2010

Megaman Star Force Guide Images

Midnite happened to find me some PDFs of the Megaman Star Force 1 Strategy Guide and the Megaman Star Force 2 Wave Card Kit. PDFs are useful because they always have lots of interesting information to learn from. Unfortunately, the images in the PDFs are really low quality, probably to stop people like me. It's too bad because there were a few interesting pieces in there like exclusive character artwork.
I also figured out that the US-version of the Megaman Star Force logo uses the font Aachen Bold for the part that says "STARFORCE". It's a fascinating font, really. It's the only font they've used which has slab serifs like that. It's really exciting to find out what fonts were used by Capcom.

Anyways, I was able to get a few images off the PDFs. It's not much, though.

While I'm posting images, I decided to clean up a few more pieces from Dark Miyabi's Official Complete Works scans.


Anonymous said...

sohi636: ... prefer the OSS one and the mmsf with the sword

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