Friday, December 17, 2010

Cybeast Gregar artwork

It turns out there's no good artwork of the Cybeasts available. There's the nice clean boxart version - but for some reason, the designer added some awful yellow brush strokes to the edges, thus diminishing the overall shape. The Japanese ones weren't in high enough quality either. Then I remembered I have the instruction booklet for MMBN6. My new printer gets some decent quality scans compared to the old one. I think GM ripped the same image I did, only I couldn't find it. I remember it was blurry and oversaturated.

Anyways, here is a good, clean scan of Cybeast Gregar.
Also, this was on the back and was worth ripping.


Anonymous said...

Hey look, it's Gospel!

Oh wait.

Anonymous said...

sohi636: ... this pics r ... 5/10? man i'm getting bored of gregar, I WANT FALZAR (WRAGH) i've get falzar's form, megarock, I'M GOING TO USE MY SPIKES TO STICK U IN THE WALL XD

Mega Rock.exe said...

So do I. I think I should just scan my Falzar booklet and upload those. Falzar might be a little trickier since the drop shadow they added makes it very difficult.

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