Monday, November 1, 2010

Megaman Star Force 3 playing cards

One of the projects I had required making believable playing cards. This means it must read like a card and have the features of a playing card. I had fun with the project and made cards for King, Queen, and Jack. A backside was also required. And since this project was due today, there is a 0% chance of anyone copying me for their assignment this quarter.

They're fairly accurate and I would have made more if the rest of the set didn't get so confusing. Now who am I going to put on the numbered cards? I'd rather leave this project as it is. Besides, the assignment asked for one card.

In other news, today is the first day of November. I realize October was relatively uneventful and there was little I could have done about that. This month is going to be more exciting. I am hoping to release my patch sometime this month. Progress is picking up again and the only thing slowing me down is the time I have free and amount of hacks. Also, the Megaman Battle Network Official Complete Works is releasing on Thanksgiving week. I'm hoping to buy it so I can observe it myself. Additionally, that week will mark the 5 year anniversary of EXE6. The Japanese version of Battle Network 6 released Thanksgiving week in Japan in 2005. I can still remember the day when all the hype was building. It was the first BN game I played in Japanese to completion. I'm hoping to do something special when that time comes so keep checking for any hints I may drop.


Anonymous said...

5 years already?

I am very saddened by this information. We're halfway to how long Legends fans had to wait.

Let us know how the collection is.

Anonymous said...

This is Agro.

Nice! Can you make one with Ace and Acid in it? Can't remember, but was there one?

Anonymous said...

This is Nirvaxstiel from TREZ

NICE GOING THAR! But i wonder what's in stall for 2~10
Ace will be a hit star breaker >:D

Anonymous said...

You could also make an Ace card (acid ace/ A C eos)

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