Monday, November 8, 2010

Megaman 20th Logo

Remember Megaman's 20th Anniversary? It seems like a very long time ago and Capcom USA made some impressive-looking graphics to download. They include bookcovers, posters, and wallpapers. The later was rather low-res. The print materials, on the other hand, were high-quality PDFs. One of them happened to have the Megaman 20th logo. Regular readers of the blog will know how I love to snoop around Capcom's materials. It's inspiring.

Anyways, the logo happened to be in vector and fully layered. Score! Now I get to see how they made it, despite the fact I already made a vector version myself. I'm starting to realize that their work isn't as precise as it's made to be. In my version, I made sure to be very precise and have it look PERFECT at all sizes. Capcom's is messy and overdrawn. Maybe it's the designer's preference, but I prefer to work clean.

For example, the hair color is one layer and the stroke is another. It's a full fill though meaning it isn't classified as a stroke, but a shape. That makes sense because now it can be customized and I would have done that anyways. Looking at the mid-blue color, it doesn't fill up the area it's supposed to. I was obsessed with getting the shape to fit perfectly under the stroke. The same thing goes for the light-blue and the eye fill. They didn't care. The pointed edge on the side of Megaman's face is one of the poorest drawing I've seen come from Capcom. It's just horrible. And the mouth might seem simple, but it's actually overstroked containing 3 layers. Why couldn't it just be one?
Moving on to the text. I think I may have done the purple stroke incorrectly. They seem round. Looking closely, I was correct about the word "MEGAMAN" being written in Helvetica. The "20" seems like an original font. The "th" seems like another, less common font, that I didn't use. Back to blunders - the wavy line design was executed poorly. Based on the layers, they made the yellow stroke, made a separate purple stroke and put it in the back. However, it isn't even the same color as the back. Furthermore, the stroke wasn't even needed. As is seen in how the 2 cuts into the 0, a stroke was used to subtract from the 0 shape. I think they may have forgotten, but at least it can't be seen from far away.

That's enough of my critique. Seeing this, I would love to have the 15th version as well. It's too bad the old Capcom Megaman site will never be seen again...

You can download a PDF of the logo from the link below.

There is a PNG version in this post as well. The PDF is to use any part of the logo with a vector-editing program.


T.J. L said...

Since your source for the official vector version was a PDF, it is likely rather different from their actual source files. Depending on the method used to generate a PDF, the paths and strokes and such could be altered/automatically optimized to reduce file size or simply as a result of the PDF format (vs AI and whatnot).

mega rock.exe said...

The overstroking seems manual and I think I've seen it in some of their other works. The PDF was generated with Adobe Illustrator CS2. I'm not aware of its PDF optimization settings.

Oh, one of the PDFs was split into several horizontal rows. That seems very automatic.

Anonymous said...

Surely it wouldn't do things like convert one color to two different ones.

This doesn't seem like a format conversion thing.

mega rock.exe said...

The other versions all seem to have the same faults, leading me to believe it was purposely made like this.

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