Saturday, September 25, 2010

My MMBN5DS Gamesave

I've finally completed my save! Unfortunately, I couldn't get the NDS Backup Tool on Greiga Master's flash cart working and I could extract a raw save quickly. I had to resort to my Gameshark USB DS adapter which works as well, just slower and riskier.

I've spent a lot of time on my Megaman Battle Network 5 DS save. I have both files 100% completed with all icons. I won't get into all the details, so I'll just list some that I remember.

No cheats were used
All HP Memories/Expansions obtained
Both files have 999999 zennys
Both files have at least 5 of most chips
Both files have max SP chip attack (version-specific Navis only)
Both files have all NCPs obtained
Both files have unlocked all GBA slot features
Bass XX has been defeated in both files
The Colonel file has hundreds of Bug Frags
200+ hours from both files combined

There could be more things worth mentioning that I forgot. And unfortunately, I couldn't get max SP records for opposite-version Navis. I have some records on the Colonel file, but nothing in the Protoman file. I think these saves are far from "perfect" but they're certainly better than others. You should know I'm very devoted and my saves are always top-quality.

You can download my game save right here. Remember that the save only works for the US version of Megaman Battle Network 5 DS. Click the icon below to begin downloading.

The ZIP folder comes with 5 different save types to account for the different situations. I haven't tested them, but they should work. One more thing, please don't distribute these without my permission. It's still my save. Personal use is okay, but email me if you have something else planned.


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