Sunday, August 29, 2010

Megaman Network Transmission files

I got a hold of the ISO for Megaman Network Transmission and took a peek inside the game's files. The only files I could open were the THP video files. There was also some .pic files I could open with a Photoshop plugin. Some folders also contained the "RockmanPicConv.exe" file along with .bat files. There is a THP video player which I used to see all of the game's cutscenes. Too bad I couldn't record them since the recording quality always came out choppy. The Zero scene is awesome.

All of the game's text is uncompressed so I could see all the dialog. They keep everything organized by using <> brackets to isolate message box effects. It's like using scripts. They could use for a new line. for a message that lets you exit a choice selection. for selections. It seems a lot more organized. There weren't any debug scripts I could find but there were some messages that seemed to relate to them. They might belong to a menu since they don't do anything if they're placed in <> brackets.

The messages were:
movie test layer
motion test
sound test
chip spply test
area select
message test

They seem like they belong on a debug menu. It's also interesting to note that "supply" is actually misspelled like that. I assume that's all chips.


LuigiBlood said...

I guess doing a translation is quite easy with it then.
(I want a MNT Model Viewer...)

mega rock.exe said...

Me too. I've seen the 3D model files but it isn't easy to figure out. I checked the .pac file and apparently Brawl uses it but the format is different. Brawl Box didn't work on them. The MMNT .pac files usually mention .dat files inside them. I don't know what to do with them.

LuigiBlood said...

If you want to convert THP files to AVI, use mplayer/mencoder.

mega rock.exe said...

What are the steps to convert?

LuigiBlood said...

It's a command line program :
mencoder [Input] -o [Output] -ovc [help for vid codec list] -oac [help for audio codec list]

And also, YouTube can process THP files.

mega rock.exe said...

That's useful. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever convert those?

Mega Rock.exe said...

I didn't do anything else with it.

Anonymous said...

What I wouldn't do to get the models from this game.

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