Wednesday, July 7, 2010

3D ACDC map coming together!

Previously, I presented some images of the BN5DS 3D models using Console Tools. The author has made some changes and the preview is much more accurate. Here is how the 3D version of ACDC Town would have looked like. There are some similarities with the GBA map. It's really coming together now!


It's amazing. It really looks like it would have made an interesting game. Here are my observations of this map:
The buildings are small. If the bridge provides any indication, the characters would have looked large compared to the buildings and doors. The white lines on the road could have indicated places the player couldn't walk. SO it wouldn't have been possible to reach the trees on the highest hill in town.
The Honda building is clearly a stack of rusty containers. I don't know why.
There is a strange fixture in the north of town. Since there is no park, I'm assuming the park would be in that direction. There are also several vending machines throughout town.
The 7-11 building is also where I thought it would be. The promo buildings are on the west of town. But the texture looked suspicious and I looked it up and it turns out it's almost EXACTLY the same as the picture used on the 7-11 Japan website. What a strange coincidence.
Higsby's shop is also there but it seems the name isn't loading correctly. Dex, Mayl, Yai, and Lan's house seem to be in the same proximity that they were in the GBA version. It's a shame Yai's house is cut off like that even in the 3D version. The river is also there but the boat is missing. It's also exclusive to the 3D version. The metro seems to have been moved as well.
With the absence of the park, it would have been oddly placed. It also has a vending machine for no reason.
And there are traffic signs. I don't know what the signs mean but they must relate to pedestrian traffic. Whether they affected the gameplay or not is unknown so they could have gone BN1 on this.

As soon as a release is made public, I'll record a video of the other rooms. It's going to be EPIC!!!!


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