Thursday, June 10, 2010

MMBN Operation Star Force Logo

By popular demand, I've completed a new version of the logo. This time, it reads "Megaman Battle Network Operation: Star Force"
I completely remade everything and I personally like this one more. I've figured out how useful the Gradient Overlay tool can be. There will be more graphic tutorials.
You can download this picture you see above in its original scale, the logo as a transparent PNG, and a GBA-sized GIF version in one ZIP.



brianuuu said...

Alright....thats awesome....=D

Spideyfan X said...

Hello, Mr. Megarock.EXE,
I was wondering if I can use the logo to make a fan-made box art with a ds template.

Spideyfan X

Mega Rock.exe said...

Sure. Give credit and/or link back to this though.

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