Sunday, June 27, 2010

DS Download Station Vol.10 rips!

Megaman Star Force 2 Downloads

After months of searching, I finally found a rom dump of DS Download Station Vol.10. If you recall, back in November of 2008, Capcom allowed players to obtain extra content legitimately in Megaman Star Force 2. They were the special brotherbands and the cards. Now that I finally found one, I can rip stuff from it and take apart the files. It turns out that all 4 .nds files are nearly identical with the exception of one line of code, the name, and the icon palette. Also, just like I expected, the entire chip list and descriptions are there for no reason. There were no listed files and my LZ77 scanners didn't get everything so it made it difficult to find data. I was able to rip graphics, some of which are exclusive to the demo.

Sprite rips are posted on Sprites INC.

I would post a download link to the rom, but I wouldn't dare do that on my blog. I might upload it somewhere else and not post a link for no reason. But if you can find it, using the DS Demo Decompressor on the files inside the "stats" folder should give you a .nds file which can run on an emulator or flash cart. The MMSF2 downloads, called YRV#demo, won't work without the game being inserted which is impossible unless you actually received the file via Download Play. It was great finding it. Now I hope to find Volume 13 which at this point, looks like it might be impossible. Damn premium download sites!


Prof. 9 said...

I found volume 13 in about 10 seconds. It's really easy if you know how.

You can find practically any NDS ROM by just Googling its scene release name. You can find that on any scene news site, like GBAtemp. Volume 13's would be DS_Download_Station_Volume_13_USA_NDS-iND.

It's probably the best way to find newly released ROMs, unless of course you have access to the scene FTPs.

Prof. 9 said...

Actually, never mind. It was volume 3. >___>

I still found volume 10 easily that way though.

mega rock.exe said...

Yeah, I tried everything. It's scene name and its archive name. Those premium download sites, if they're even real, are hiding it.

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