Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bass XX in BN5DS

I just finished getting all the icons and defeating Nebula Gray Omega in my Protoman file on the DS game.When I did this on my Colonel file, I unlocked Bass Cross so I can fight Bass XX. The problem this time is that I can't fight him in my Protoman file. The descriptions on GameFAQs are all wrong. Nobody has any idea what they're talking about with their confusing language and questionable methods.

If I recall correctly, to fight Bass XX in the GBA game, you had to equip the Bass Cross Megaman E-card and have enabled Bass Cross. After fighting Bass in the set encounters in Oran Area and Nebula Area, he should replace the random encounter of Bass Omega in Nebula 6.

However, according to the method on GameFAQs, to unlock Bass XX you have to defeat Nebula Gray Omega in one file to unlock him in the other file. I already fought Bass XX in Colonel before I even started my Protoman file. This tip must not be correct or I should have already unlocked him.

According to another submission, to fight Bass XX, you must have Bass Cross or Sol Cross enabled. Also, you can unlock him with any Battle Network game in the GBA slot. However, you only unlock Bass Cross with a BN5 game and Sol Cross cannot be unlocked with a BN game. So therefore, only BN5 should work, not the other 5 carts. So basically only a BN5 cart should work.

None of these methods have worked but from what I can piece together, there are 2 ways to unlock Bass XX:
- You have to have both BN5 game carts completed to unlock Bass XX in both files.
- You have to save after slotting in all the BN game carts in the GBA slot and use a cross.

I'm not quite sure but I should have unlocked Bass XX twice in my Colonel file. I had played with all the BN carts at least once and I used a completed BN5 Protoman cart. I don't have access to all the BN games anymore so I can't do method one and I don't have a Colonel cart so I can't do method 2. If this is true, I'd have to wait. I'm planning on releasing my game save to the public after this. It should have both files completed with no cheats and plenty of items!


Anonymous said...

This is Agro.

I never knew that was true. I always had trouble completing a BN game fully. The only game I've completed fully right now is SF3. I'll try replaying BN5DS.

Anonymous said...

Bladecross EXE here. To fight Bass XX in BN5DS, all you need to do is slot in the GBA slot a gba game that has beaten Bass Omega. If you have the emblem, you get bass cross, and fight bass xx. you can also do this by plugging in boktai 2 and getting solcross,a nd you still fight XX.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is an awkward question... Well I just want to ask: Do you play MMBN5 DS on emu or real DS? And about the DeSmuMe, the game stops at the title screen if I just create a normal game save... I tested the GBA slot and slotted in a MMBN5 completed SAV file and it didn't work. I tried cheats however none of them worked.
I really want to fight BassXX so pls help me.

Mega Rock.exe said...

Yeah, all the emulators are junky. I actually own the game and play it on my DS. I made a cheat that unlocks all the GBA slot stuff, though. I don't know where I kept it...

Anonymous said...

Did you delete Bass Cross in your save game? Since I find it odd when BassXX is beaten but there were no Bass Cross. BTW the saves on a real DS can be copied to the computer via memory cards right? If it is really so then maybe I can borrow my friend's NDS.
P.S: I really admire your skill and like your artworks. Especially the vectorized Bass Cross Megaman.

Mega Rock.exe said...

You can fight Bass XX with Sol Cross as well. The crosses always get disabled when the game isn't detected.

There are some accessories for copying the save but it's also easy with some homebrew stuff.

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