Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another look at the scrapped 3D BN5DS

As you may know, the scrapped BN5DS which was supposed to be in 3D still intrigues me. I've found a nice tool called "Console Tool" which can open NSBMD files. Having the tool open the leftover models yielded different results. The character models don't look too different and I'm really more interested in the animations it may have. The maps looks different though. I've taken a screenshot of one of the maps that was rendered in 3D. It looks a lot like an ACDC area but it has different paths.
If the program could display the model correctly, I'm sure the whole map could be seen. This is always so fascinating!

Update: I contacted the author of the program and he was able to accurately display some of the models with a more recent version of his tool When it's publicly released, expect a video showing the models in their true form.
Here are some of the pictures he took.
Low Lines
Low Lines
Low Lines


Anonymous said...

This is Agro.

Awesome! There was still more?! ACDC Town is pretty cool. They probably stopped due to the graphics.

This was found in MMSF1, right?

mega rock.exe said...

It was found in SF1. It is unknown as to why they stopped. This production likely took place in 2005 when the DS was announced and BN5 was a launch title. All the other games utilized full 3D gameplay.

Repliroid20XX said...

Oh lordy, the promotional textures. I remember inadvertantly digging those up, back whenever it was... 2006, was it?

mega rock.exe said...

Like the commercial textures? That's random. I think the character models have animations so it will be interesting to see them move around like they would if the game existed.

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