Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More EXE:OSS sprites

A while ago, I ripped and uploaded an archive of the new sprites from Operate Shooting Star. I missed two sprites last time and they were the Clockman overworld sprite and Omega-Xis in-battle sprite. Both sheets can hardly function on their own but they are at least available.

Now, thanks to Box.net's file update option, the same link can be used to distribute an updated version of the file.

Here is the same link with the new sprites added to the archive.


ablon08 said...

yay, these help.
what do you mean by "can hardly function on their own?"

I'll grab these when I get home.

mega rock.exe said...

I meant that the sprites have too little animations to be usable in battle in later games. You may use the animation expander on it to make it useful.

ablon08 said...

The animation expander doesn't seem to take too well to some OSS sprites, which fits perfectly well with the palette work I did today, as the pointer to the palette data (yes I found it, yay) seems to be in a different, place to the sprites it was designed to expand. The only thing that screws up is the palette for expanded OSS sprites, so....makes sense.

mega rock.exe said...

I've never tried it on OSS sprites but according to the sprite file specs, nothing should be different.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but how can the sprites be flipped?

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