Friday, April 16, 2010

Rockman EXE:OSS sprites

Last time I brought sprites, it was a quick batch with limited release.  This time, I've extracted and bundled almost all the sprites exclusive to Rockman EXE:OSS.  You can download the files right now!


When you extract it, you'll notice there are 3 types of files.
GIF versions (used to submit to Sprites INC)
PNG versions (unmodified PNG generated using Barubary's sprite dumper tool)
BIN versions (the raw BN Sprite file data for the sprites)

For rom hacking, the BIN file would be the most useful.  Before you start whining about the file extensions, know this: The file extension doesn't matter.  It's the bytes inside the file that really matter.  Also, the sprite files contain their small "header" data.  Barubary figured out some of its use.  I'll have to update my specs soon.  In Greiga Master's Sprite List Viewer, this header is referred to as "padding".  They should work in any BN game.


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brianuuu said...

Megarock, I'm brianuuu, I want to ask if you can rip the sprite file for Omega-Xis

mega rock.exe said...

Oh, that's who I was missing. When I find it, I'll post it along with some mugshots and Clockman's overworld sprite.

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