Thursday, April 29, 2010

Megaman Zero Collection US site updates

The US site for upcoming game, Megaman Zero Collection updated today. It turns out that it has a release date of June 8th now. So far it seems like a repack. No reason for that delay they mentioned a while ago.

As the site updates, more features became available. There are locked sections but the content isn't there like on the Star Force site. Darn it. There were also more video links but I could not access them. I could get various artworks used on the site, however. They're PNGs and good quality.

Megaman Zero 4 Logo

Megaman Zero 2 Poster

Megaman Zero

Resistance People


Prof. 9 said...

Too bad the locked sections are not actually uploaded yet. Capcom must've learnt their lesson :P

mega rock.exe said...

Its the same thing with the Japanese site.

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