Monday, April 12, 2010


Have you ever been to the DMV?  I just went today.  After 3 hours of continuous waiting, I finally got my picture taken for the DMV.  They also collected a signature and thumb print.  I think an ID will come in the mail soon and if I pass the traffic laws test, I can get a permit!  This is amazing stuff.


Alilatias said...

Three hours? Man, and I thought my 1 hour wait at Pasadena was bad.

They took my picture, my voter registration form, and had me take the traffic laws test at the same time. Guess things must be different in your area.

Good luck.

mega rock.exe said...

I had to take the test the next day. I passed!

Tayo said...

How come you had to wait until you were 18 to get your permit? Next month, I turn 15 and a half. At that age, I'm able to get my permit.

mega rock.exe said...

Because when I was that age, I was not prepared for driving and my parents did not want to spend money on the driver ed classes. At 18,(or 17.5), I can just walk in and take the test. I'm still waiting for my real permit and insurance so I can start driving.

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