Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bass Cross Megaman Vectorized!

I have just completed a small project I set aside for a time like now.  If you recall, I found some interesting colored concept art of Bass Cross Megaman (pictured right) on a French Gaming website.  I uploaded them to the TREZ Gallery a while ago and they are widely used.  However, I was not satisfied with the sketchy, incomplete look of the original concept art.

I've spent the past 2 days (about 5 hours) making a vector version of Bass Cross Megaman.  It was very difficult to complete, topping the difficulty level of the Pirate Tribe rendition, but I am very satisfied with the result because not only did I vectorize it, I improved the shading and even added alternate colors!  And because it's vectorized, I can provide a very high-quality image.  All these images are free to use.  Enjoy them because I know there is a significant lack in decent Bass Cross artwork available to the general public.  In fact, there's even a very shoddy duplicate out there that seems to be very popular.

Bass Cross Megaman Gold
forte bass cross megaman rockman gold

Bass Cross Megaman Silver
forte bass cross megaman rockman silver

Blue Bass Cross Megaman (the color the concept art was originally colored in)
forte bass cross megaman rockman blue

Dark Bass Cross Megaman (based off the dark versions from MMBN5)
forte bass cross megaman rockman dark

If you want the full scale versions (4096x4096) or SVG source files, I've uploaded those as well.  The source files can be edited with Inkscape.


Have fun!


JDAManson said...

For the record, that's concept art for a Forte Soul for EXE4, which eventually came out to be FCR in EXE5.

JDAManson said...

Oops! Disregard my earlier comment. This isn't the Forte Soul concept art, looking at my Himitsu book again. It's in there but that's plain old FCR. My fault!

mega rock.exe said...

I knew it had to be from BN5 because of my source. They had concept art for Forte Soul?

JDAManson said...

@Megarock: Yep, they did. They actually had two other unused souls, but you probably know about them, Heat and Ice Souls.

mega rock.exe said...

Can I see the concepts?

AMCApril said...

that's cool

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