Friday, March 19, 2010

New Crisis Interview Questions

The New Crisis Interview time is up and I got quite a few interesting questions to answer.  You can always ask more questions if you'd like.  Here are all the questions I received.

Ok, do you plan on ever making a full sprite sheet for waveman?
Sort of. It's very difficult and at this point, and would have very little use.

Hello Megarock. I am just another one of many who has been absolutely exhilarated by your series, The New Crisis.

In the end of the last and most recent episode, you mention a term Lan states as, "Link Power." Are you going to create a new series based upon the subject or mention it in a future work?
I used that term to allude to the Star Force series where Lan states he would work on it. I can't make another series based on Lan's focus of Link Power since that would require resources that do not exist. Basically, I put that there to show how Lan was thinking about it. He still has years ahead of him before he can focus on it.

Lelouch Lamperouge
I am curious to know what happened to Waveman, since I can only see two things there: died of regretment or just disappeared. Oh and more two questions, will you make a second series? And why didn't Mr.SSRockman appeared, not even as cameo by the end?
Well no Navi truly "dies", right? Being defeated in the story (though not physically) still means he is "deleted". If you've played the games, you'll notice they always come back somehow, right?
I never considered giving SSMega a cameo of any sort. Remember that the planning for the last episode and credits happened months ago. Actually, around September of last year. The only reason SSMega could appear is through time travel and that would not make sense in the storyline. I tried to make a story that would not falsify the events of the future and not have been specifically mentioned anywhere else.

megamanrush (Youtube)
Interview question. You said that episode 4.5 was basically scrapped, what did you originally intend to do with that episode?
What made you come up with the idea for this, Project Legacy, a want for EXE 7, what specifically?
How much time did you put into this mini series?
What were you NOT able to do that you wished you could have?
Was there more you wanted to do with Waveman?
I don't remember ever saying episode 4.5 was scrapped.

My inspiration for this started after I did CopyMan's Comeback. I thought I could do more scenarios like that. At first, I planned only the Protoman battle and then directly to a Falzar battle. That never happened and I played Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Playing the story mode got me thinking that I could create a more elaborate story similar to the game. Then the Star Force games provided ideas and features that the Battle Network games didn't have that I wanted to include. 

I decided to make a mini-series because ideas came to me. I didn't want to just write fan fiction but I wanted to create it. In the past, I had tried to make a BN fanfic but I never finished it. This time, I got the ideas and I finished it. Playing other games had gotten me thinking about plot and story development and I had to try it out.

Since the first episode, I've spent over 2 years planning and making the series. It has been a major source of my ideas that I could put into fanfiction.

Having finished, I look back at a few things I could not do. I wished that the earlier episodes could have had the benefits of new hacks and that the newer episodes could have had the original motive that the earlier episodes had. On several occasions, I wish the cutscenes I made could have had more actions. More characters should have been able to move and interact with others.

I felt like WaveMan was able to do what I wanted. Now, I kind of wish I did have a WaveMan battle. He played the antagonist and that's good enough.  But I still would have liked it if the new WaveMan design appeared earlier.  I didn't have the skill unfortunately.

That last question was deep.  I'm glad that there are so many people interested in my work.  This has been a very exciting experience and great addition to the fan-fics out there on the Internet.  I'm sure lots of people would be really excited if Capcom decided to borrow ideas from my series to include in one of their games.

And as for that WaveMan battle.  I've still got everything saved.  I'm sure I could whip something up someday. ;)


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