Wednesday, March 10, 2010

MMBN6: The New Crisis - Ending/Credits

The ending and credits are here!  And in glorious High Definition!

Just a small mistake there with the long black screen with music playing.  Skip to 6:12 for the last words. By the time it's finished processing, I'm sure I'll reach my 1000th subscriber.  Now that the series officially wrapped up, I am open for questioning.  Certainly there must be people out there with questions for me.  You can ask serious interview questions over at TREZ.

New Crisis Interview


Prof. 9 said...

So, I guess now it's over, huh? ;_;

TNC was one of the only reasons I visited Youtube. It's cool to see how the hacks got better over time :P

Anonymous said...

I'm Agro.

Wow... What an adventure for how all this went... Just epic now. Well, I guess that's it. Your entertainment is over, so I have to continue mine...(eheheh...) Well, I guess that was epic. This is 1 thing I won't forget.

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