Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Waveman sprite

Rather than update the older post, I'm just making a new post for this.  All of WaveMan's battle sprites (that I intended to use) are complete. 
Making everything was very difficult but I am satisfied with my work.  I might even make a tutorial on this because it's so effective.  The trick is to make it in parts, obviously.  Then it's easier to assemble everything at the end with an image-editing program with layers.  The overall process is extremely time-consuming and making a fully custom sprite sheet would take a lot of patience considering consistency errors like proportions and size will become cumbersome.


Spyman exe said...

Why don't you post in the custom sprites section? Anyway a tutorial would be great.

mega rock.exe said...

I don't need to make a topic for my sprites. I'll make a tutorial when I can.

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