Sunday, January 17, 2010

Teaser 9

In a couple of hours, I've managed to make significant progress on the final episode of The New Crisis.  Now that the hardest part is over with, I can work on the easier parts although I've never imported a real-world map before.  I was able to get WaveMan to appear in battle randomly though his sprite hardly ever shows up due to sprite limitations.  Here's how much time I've made so far.  I've got a little more than 6 minutes right now.  If the next scenes take up 4 minutes, I can publish it at just the right time.  Here's another little fact.  Right now, I have nearly 70 recordings ranging from 5 seconds to 3 minutes.  They're taking up 20 Gigabytes right now (damn uncompressed video format)  When I'm done, I expect to have about 80 recordings and 25 GB of video.

I'll need someone who's good at video editing for some parts that are coming up.  I would do it myself but the computer I use is incapable of handling any decent video editor.  If you can help me, you know how to contact me.  You will get your name in the credits.

Oh, and here is the teaser.  I'm going to regret releasing this because it says so much.  Click the link to see it.


JDAManson said...

Ahhh, I wonder if it's going to be another imported final boss. If it is I have an idea of who it might be, since we've seen a lot of them since someone was able to import them. It's still exciting, and even if we are able to figure out how it is, we can't figure out how they'll fight, right? Can't wait to watch the climax.

Tayo said...

I can help with video editing. I know how to keyframe and use video masks also.

Anonymous said...

hey isn't that sneaky preview of the final battle.

mega rock.exe said...

It is a preview of the final battle. I figured out how to make the background move fast, which is something a picture can't show.

Tayo, send me a personal message if you want to become involved.

Tayo said...

PM where?On Trez?

mega rock.exe said...


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