Monday, January 18, 2010

Episode 10-5 is done!

It turns out that I didn't have enough room for the next few scenes I had recorded.  Many thanks to Tayo for the video cutscene.


JDAManson said...

Definitely not was I expecting (I was almost sure Duo was going to be the big boss here), but it was actually a lot more interesting because of it. The intro to the Cyber Beast but was impressive, though mostly during Glaga's couple seconds, since it synced up with the music. The loss was crushing and genuinely unexpected. I thought activating Sigma Beast was going to cause something to defeat the Cyber Beasts or at least weaken them, since the odds were stacked so far against you. The loss was an interesting twist. I wish we got to see more of WaveMan in-battle, too. I think one things that's strange is that there are some pretty good lines ("Where's your blind justice now, Mega Man?") intermingled with really cringe-worthy ones ("This-- Is-- Cybeast Power!!"), but that lopsidedness is present in all the videos. An extremely great video, the extra work put into editing really helped a lot for the Cyber Beast battle. And these videos aren't about the script, it's about really cool battles showing off how powerful EXE hacking has become.

mega rock.exe said...

I thought it was about the script. I think the story-telling can be improved based off the original game scripts. Obviously, the planted lines are for humor purposes only. I know they're not as great as other lines.

The comeback will be amazing.

JDAManson said...

I guess the storytelling is more important to the creator, since its their story. I think you just take each new advancement in hacking and show it off in a cool way and back it up with a story like a lot of challenges. I just feel like the humor is oddly placed, especially coming out of an evil character like WaveMan, but that's just my opinion.

mega rock.exe said...

I guess if it's taken as humor. Without prior reference, that line would not seem out of place.

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