Sunday, December 27, 2009

Episode 10-4 stuff

My latest episode had some very unique content in it.  I won't release the life virus sprite file yet but I will release the cutscenes.

First, the Life Virus Sigma cutscene.

The hardest part about making this had to be the recoloring.  You can see the gem on the lower hand still has some green on it.  It was just too difficult for me.  The music used during the battle was the Life Virus battle music from Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star.  The music is just slightly improved which is good enough for me.  I got that from Nigoli's rip over at his blog.  The last seconds of the battle use music from the cell phone game, Rockman EXE Legend of Network.  It's the music for the final boss, the Trojan Horse.

A partial soundtrack for the game is available on Rockman PM.

There is also a Phantom of Network partial soundtrack.

Next is the WaveMan cutscene.  This shows the full body design that I created.

I realize the design does have its flaws, but then again, I'm not perfect.  For a first fully original design, it came out really well.  I still have the original sketch with me.  The background was designed in Adobe Illustrator.  I made it at school in spare time.  This scene is also wider than the others because I made it on an HD 16:9 scale (1920x1080).  If the stars came out kind of bad, it's because I was following a tutorial on creating a starry effect.  If I had more time, I could have perfected it.  The wave road was created in Illustrator as well thanks to the Gradient Mesh tool.  I realized too late that the road was missing borders on the side.  I chose Illustrator to make this because it has the easiest, fastest, scalable 3D effect.  That's how I was able to give the road some depth.  I made the mugshot out of the art as well.

Just to be fair, I'm also releasing the completed art of WaveMan on a transparent background so it may easily be used anywhere.

Also, the emblem was remade and here is the revised one.


Anonymous said...

hmm hard to tell but id say he has rouge arms and maybe the chest piece might be from harp note. Looks amazing though including the OW

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