Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Teaser 4 - not much progress

The past day-and-a-half, Greiga Master wanted to work on another program.  He took away the time I could have been working on the episode.  It's difficult stuff though.

In the programming side, GM wanted to make a sprite list viewer.  You know the sprite list I ALWAYS refer to and nobody seems to understand?  Well that is simplified in a VERY sophisticated program I helped create.  Not only does it let you see everything on the list regardless of compression, but it lets you browse the frames AND extract/import sprites.

Here is a screenshot of the program in progress.  I think it's really well made.

It's not done yet but it should be.

Back to New Crisis, I had a hard time importing the next map.  It's just those tiny imperfections that bothered me.  I managed to fix the map as best as I could but the there will be more patching this time.  I don't think anybody even noticed the patches from the first map.

But the hardest part is out of the way now.  I hope to start recording Mr Prog battles by tomorrow.  Maybe even release Part 2 if I have enough time.


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