Friday, November 20, 2009

New file host; reuploads

With the collapse of WHFF, I am forced to switch hosts.  Greiga Master recommended I use  The upload limit is smaller, but at least it can upload files that large.

I've reuploaded most of the files I had immediate access to.  Here are the download links to those files.

The SFMegaman BN sprite file with ReadMe included.

MMBN State Saves

Onimusha Blade Warriors Megaman-music tracks

Lunar Knights DS Star Force Crossover Music

MMSF1-2 Sounds Rip

MMSF3 Sounds and Voices Rip *NEW*

MMBN5 Double Team DS Sounds and Voices Rip

Notice that the SF3 Sounds and Voices rip is new.  I released the voices before but this time, I've included basic sounds.  They're in their original archive name, which isn't good.  I'd rather have their original name but that's not possible.  The sounds are great.  You know, coming from the last well-made Megaman RPG game made.

And finally, to make up for all the broken links out there, I've assembled the BN Hack Kit.  In it, there are several programs and utilities useful in hacking BN games.  It includes State saves, my BN6 perfect save and a handful of useful programs.  All programs are products of their original authors.  I didn't make any of the programs.  Most of them are Greiga Master's programs.

Download the BN Hack Kit.

Download is for registered members of TREZ only.  I am obliged by Greiga Master to do this.

Enjoy them downloads!


Anonymous said...


Awesome MRE! This is more organized than ever. Thanks!

Spyman exe said...

Aww.. I thought there was a tutorial that came along with it. (at least there's still the hacking notes forum)

mega rock.exe said...

A tutorial with what?

Anonymous said...

Hey mega rock, I tried to download the BN Hack kit but I cant, it appears an error.

Anonymous said...

Lll, those voice acting clips are cringe-worthy. >_<

Spyman exe said...

A tutorial that tells you how to use the programs.

Anonymous said...

The requested URL /4803/189/0/p1004624/ was not found on this server.

Anonymous said...

Can you convert them to ips,please?

Spyman exe said...

If you aren't a Trez user you can't download it.
As the post says:"Downloads are for registered TREZ members only"

Anonymous said...

I AM a registered user.
However, I already downloaded, temporal error maybe

RougeNoiseBurai.exe said...

Tutorial for GBA graphics editor

Kyogia said...

I can't seem to download the BN Hack Kit even when I'm logged into TREZ... is it a broken link?
"The server at is taking too long to respond."

Mega Rock.exe said...

It's super-outdated now. Go to TREZ's homepage and look in the Downloads section. There, you should find something similar.

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