Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Crisis - 10-2

Part 2 of Episode 10 is finished.  I just had to add a few more seconds to it.  It is now the longest video I have uploaded.  If this keeps up, 10-3 will be more of the same.  10-4 should be nearing the last area and 10-5 should have the final battle.  This is going to be so exciting!


JDAManson said...

Fantastic, as usual. The quality of this Navi insert seemed unusually good, though, not bit of white dot to be seen, and the attack animations are fantastic. I still think the raining Thunderball attack is strange, though, haha. Is the Program sheet used here an edit of the sprites from EXE6? I don't recall the attack and flinching animations. Though, I think EXE1's corrupted Programs would have fit better, but oh well. I assume there's a reason you didn't use them.

mega rock.exe said...

The sprites are an edit of the EXE6 one. I just tilted the head and body in different directions to simulate movement. I'm posting the sheet soon.
I felt like the "corrupted" version was overused and it didn't have the sprites I wanted.

Anonymous said...

wow this is gratz how you make the mr porg?

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