Saturday, November 28, 2009

Episode 10 stuff

Now that the really unique content from episode 10 of the New Crisis has shown up, I feel like publicly releasing some of my resources.

First off, the Shooting Star Key.  It's an item I developed for purely fictional purposes.  I thought, "well since this has to do with waves and space, I should reference Shooting Star somehow."

Here is the key in its original output.

It's supposed to be a key with the emblem inside an orb.  I made it a "chip image" to make it show up in the results screen. So to cleverly blend it with the background, I saved it with the background color.  Here is what the image really looked like when I put it in the game.

The same is true for all 5 key colors.

Next up is the Mr. Prog battle.  I made more frames out of the BN6 sprite to simulate animation.  I think it came out well.  Here is the full sprite sheet I made and used.

Using Greiga Master's custom sprite making program, I could add it into the game.  This is one reason I had to delay the episode; I needed the custom sprites.

Download the BN sprite file

You can use the file with Greiga Master's new program, the sprite list viewer, to easily add it to the game.  It's fully playable.  I made it in a way that if you ever get to control it, the animations make sense.

I also made a wave road in part 10-2.  It was meant only to cross the open path and even animates.  I'm surprised I didn't see as much reaction to it.

Also new in this episode is Lan's new animation.  Remember from Part 1?  He said "On Air"

There are the new sprites.  It may seem like a rearranged version of his old animation but the last 2 frames are new and that was something I decided to do after the sprite maker was made.


Anonymous said...

That`s not a wave road.Its Sirius` barrier glass rotated with Power Point.

mega rock.exe said...

Are you stupid? Why would I use Powerpoint as an image editor? And Sirius's barrier looks nothing like that.

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