Sunday, November 8, 2009

100th post

It's about time.  This is the 100th post on my blog.  Also, the Battle Network Custom Sprite Maker is completed.

Here is a demonstration video of the potential it has.

Isn't it awesome?  8-bit Megaman vs 8-bit Protoman.  This freedom in sprites will allow amazing effects for the final episode of The New Crisis.  I can officially begin now.  As for a public release, it doesn't seem to be happening soon.  Greiga Master is reluctant to release it but I'll try to convince him to do so.

Here are the sprite files I used.  They can be used in BN5-6 like any other sprite.

8-bit Megaman sprite
8-bit Protoman sprite


Anonymous said...

Ha! Genius!

Agro said...

Epic MRE, since your posting more interesting things on your blog, I'll start commenting more often.

mega rock.exe said...

Interesting, or only things you care about? Either way, I will be trying to get back to more "mega"-related posts.

Agro said...

Interesting. Like your Rockman Promotional Stickers. It looked awesome. But I didn't have the time to post it then.

Anonymous said...

Hey megarock, my stie AHA has a sprite dump collection, and I have a couple people ripping sprites from the BN games. can I get your permission to put these sprites up at my site?

Also...they were at might wanna reupload them.

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