Friday, October 30, 2009

Rockman EXE 6 Promotional Stickers

I remember back in 2006 in the Capcom-held MMBN6 tournament at Comic-Con (I went), they distributed imported stickers and Megaman X pogs.  Since then I preserved a full sheet of the stickers.  Everybody got 2 sheets.  The main reason I preserved them is for the promotional artwork on it.  I think a few people have seen it from a previous scan.  But this scan is in slight higher quality.  My scanner can't be too good if this is the best it gets.

Here is the full sticker sheet, unedited and in great condition.
Rockman EXE 6 stickers

It has 7 stickers on it.  Both Gregar and Falzar Beasts, their emblems, Lan/Megaman from the boxart, and small game title icons.  I put the game sticker on the back of my game cart, and it fits well.

I've also attempted to cut out the two images.  It is a definite fact that this one is in better quality than the current version in the TREZ Gallery.  I'll upload it there soon as well.
Cybeast Falzar and Gregar
And if for whatever reason, someone decides to extract the images themselves, clicking on the sticker sheet will bring up the high-quality version.  Just putting it out there.  Anyone can use this if they'd like.


Anonymous said...

Are you going to vector it?(not a request)

mega rock.exe said...

Nope. It's far too complex. It most likely uses gradient meshes which is something I don't really have access to. It would look obsolete without it.

Alilatias said...

You went to the tournament? You lucky bastard. XD

I tried to go but I got stuck in traffic. Sad considering that this is probably the only official EXE tournament here in the States, ever.

mega rock.exe said...

They made it seem like there would be more but that was not true.

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