Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Crisis spoilers

The final episode will be BIG!  There are lots of changes and surprising coming.  The first one I'd like to spoil is WaveMan's new form.  Somewhere along the script, he will change.  I might make the part come sooner.  Here is the new mugshot and overworld sprite I did today.


Tough stuff but I like how it came out.  Stick around for more updates.  I wish the map editor wasn't taking so long.  I could have started by now.


JDAManson said...

Giving you props on the sprite. Very nice... is it custom? WaveMan looks a lot better like that, either way.

mega rock.exe said...

Yeah, the overworld sprite is fully custom. I feel a lot better doing it that way. It will have a few more (idle) animations.

Anonymous said...


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