Thursday, September 17, 2009

Megaman Battle Network logo

Well I thought that since I was logo-happy recently, I should try to make a vector version of the Megaman Battle Network logo.  Logos for any game of the series is quite rare.  The TREZ Gallery has a nice collection of them.  What I have is an upscaled and editable version of the Battle Network 6 logo.  I liked the style more on that one.

This is the final product. (click for a bigger version)

And in case you don't want the 6 there, I exported a plain version, too.

I think it's so well made that I might use it or make something out of it someday.  Better than the outdated BN1 logo everybody keeps taking just because it's a sprite.  Speaking of which, here is a sprite version if for whatever reason you'd want one like that.

If you want to edit the logo directly, I've uploaded the SVG file for it.  Isn't it amazing?  I wish I had this option in the past.
Download Inkscape SVG file


Anonymous said...

Excellent, thank you.

@ris said...

Nice, Thanx..

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