Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pirate Tribe Vector

Yet another interesting concept art from Midnite's scans is Pirate Tribe. Pirate Tribe would have most likely been the Aqua-elemental Tribe form in MMSF2. It isn't the game, obviously so it never had any clean and finalized art. Now I've recreated it and made it better than before.

This is - Pirate Tribe.

Pirate Tribe

For fun: Indie Form

40x48 mugshot

And the symbol separate

Enjoy! I know I had a lot of fun making those.


Anonymous said...

Impressive o.o
What do you use to do this vector arts and where did you learn to do them?

Anonymous said...

I like this... I wish they had put it in the game.

You ought to do an EXE Noise change/Ryusei soul. That would be freaking sweet.

arkazain said...

Nicely done!

mega rock.exe said...

I use Inkscape to do this. It's simple to learn. Just understand the built-in tutorials and do some online tutorials and it's simple!

Anonymous said...

Its really poty they discarded this one in particular, with four tribes, could be 2 tribes per version, like "ninja X Pirate" and "saurian X Zerker" :(

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