Monday, August 10, 2009

More on EXE:OSS

Some more scans have appeared regarding the new EXE game. A Japanese blog has posted higher quality scans and reveals more details. I can tell from the screens now that the text box is definitely from BN1. Mugshots also have no border now. You can see SF Megaman's mugshot is from SF3 but is missing the border. Looking at Clockman's mugshot, I'd say they're at least using better sprite-creating methods. The appearance is vivid and sharp like mugshots from the Star Force series. What's new is new. Not made to look old. It looks like there is no HP box anywhere on the map. That concerns me.

In another screenshot, Harp Note can be more clearly seen. She looks kind of fat there. The new SF Megaman sprite definitely looks newer and different. That also reminds me. I prepared an animation that compares Megaman EXE's sprite changing over the years.
Megaman's sprite
The SF2-3 sprites were never used. They are the same as the SF1 sprites only minus the border.

And just for fun, a comparison of how SF Megaman's sprite has changed over the years.

Also, I've been doing more vector art lately. It's practice.


Jsonic872 said...

I had always hoped that they would remake the first game. I just always figured it would be on the PSP like all the other titles they redid.

Anonymous said...

Good grief, the EXE sprite from RnR is awful. I also think that all the overhead versions of RnR Rockman are weird and disproportionate.

I wish they'd gone all-out with new graphics and everything. :\ That would have been soooo fricken awesome. I love both EXE and RnR (EXE slightly more, so happy it's in that universe) and would have been glad to see an epic game with both.

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