Monday, July 6, 2009

Fight Sigma Bosses

MMSF3 has another secret title screen unlockable. You can fight powerful Sigma bosses randomly if you tap the icons in the following order:

S Comp Star
G Comp Star
S Comp Star
M Comp Star
Sirius Crush Star
Sirius Crush Star
Clear Star

If you have all those icons, then you can start fighting Sigma bosses. Not me yet of course.
I just need to help GM get the icon generator working for Red Joker and I'll start accepting requests. Did I mention I completed the game?


Agro said...

Since you now finished the icon generator for jRed Joker, can you reserve a spot for me until July 16th, when I get back to the USA? Since I posted.

John-Michael said...

umm… you not believe it but when i first started red joker i was walking in echo ridge and spade magnes╬ę appeared!i don't have an AR and it was the day i bought the game and i hadn't even fought spade magnes yet! It was you know why this happened? maybe a glitch?

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