Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I almost got the game but I was a couple of minutes too early. More waiting!!

But in the meantime I heard about some issues with removed content. Rogue ZZ is in the game according to Capcom. I don't know if I released all the images but he's there.

Here is the unlocking method reworded by me.

When you've obtained the Clear, S Comp, M Comp, G Comp, and Sirius Crush Star, on the title screen hold the L Button and touch the stars in order:

G Comp Star
M Comp Star
M Comp Star
Sirius Crush Star
G Comp Star
S Comp Star
Clear Star

Find Rogue in Meteor G Control CC to fight Rogue ZZ.

There's another code for Omega Bosses and such but I didn't bother to look at them.


Anonymous said...

S Comp Star, G Comp Star, S Comp Star, M Comp Star, SS Star, SS Star, and Clear Star for Sigma Bosses...Omega bosses are random?

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