Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Crisis Ep9 Update

I have finished the tedious process of rom editing already. While editing, I did manage to make a few more changes. This picture shows the custom screen changes. First, I'm coloring standard chips yellow like in MMSF. Since folder views won't be necessary, that is all I need. Mega chips are a deeper blue and Giga chips are a deeper red (instead of pink)
Also, I added a dot on blank spaces. I know, I copied this from someone else's patch. Mine is just a dot, the other is a double box with brighter colors. I like mine.
And finally, the name tag sprite is changed. Instead of a boring slope I added more flair to it. It seems for the better to me. And just a heads up, these changes will go in my next patch update. I released a work-in-progress version in one of my Sub Guides.

Speaking of sub guides, I'm making a new guide. Using tints and shades. It seems like many people who use them don't know how to use them right and it's about time it got its own proper tutorial.


Agro said...

Awesome MegaRock!
New more ROM Edits!
The picture was awesome!!!(At least I saw it before you posted it)
Maybe I can do some ROM Edits for me!

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