Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MMSF3 Demo on Nintendo Channel

The Nintendo Channel has a demo of Megaman Star Force 3 for play on the DS. If you have a Wii and a DS go play it because the demo expires next week. At least I finally got to play it.

Here is a video I recorded (you can see me and my camera when the screen goes black)
Just demonstrating the demo.

I've played it many times. I figured out that Impact Cannon, Big Bomb, and Giant Axe can be made. As long as the cards are there the new card can be formed. So they can be grayed out or dimmed but still usable.
For Giant Axe, you need Sword, Wide Sword, and Long Sword. For Impact Cannon, you need 3 Cannons. For Big Bomb you need 3 Mini Grenades.


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