Sunday, April 26, 2009

Megaman Star Force 3

As you may already know, Capcom of America recently updated their Megaman page to include MMSF3 content.  It's quite amazing.  The release is coming...
You can find it at:

Also, I've extracted all the files from the Satellite Server.  This means you can browse through their content such as images.  There are a few good ones.

The TREZ Gallery also has some of the images.

And finally, I finished the main story in MMSF2 alredy.  It's really enjoyable.  Though this time when I played, I took notes.  In a couple of days, GameFAQs should have some map guides I made.  And within the next week, my Blue Mystery Wave List and HP Memory List guides should be complete.  In the end, it was good practice because when I start playing MMSF3, I'll do the same thing and maybe more.  

...oh, and one last thing.  If you're reading this, please leave a comment at least.  It's kind of strange to have zero comments on everything I post.


Black Ace said...

Here I am, making a comment.
You're awesome. I hope I can help develop a StarForce and BN5DS specific mod tool from maybe MKDSCM for YOU.
Bye now ;)

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